Searching for affordable watches on the web? Better think hard prior to making 


that purchase Vollmer Watches. Within this in-depth feature in the WatchTime archives, we 


explore how sales of those counterfeit watches are hurting both collectors and 


also the watch industry.


For many watch collectors, the temptation is simply too much. "I have 


experienced quite respectable watch collectors with nice collections who 


couldn't get hold of that certain limited-edition piece they wanted," states 


Beatrice de Quervain, an experienced U.S. watch executive and many lately mind 


of Hublot The United States. "They always purchase from their approved dealer, 


however, only for that certain piece, they broke lower and visited an 


unauthorized source on the web. And certain enough, they were given burned. They 


compensated $20,000, $25,000." The things they got, de Quervain states, would be 


a counterfeit.


De Quervain's comments came in a recent meeting from the American Watch 


Association to go over the issue of counterfeit watches. AWA asked WatchTime to 


sit down in around the meeting.


The content in the put together watch company executives as well as their legal 


counsels is the fact that, more than ever before, watch collectors should be 


aware – and beware –from the risks of buying brand-name luxury watches through 


unauthorized dealers, particularly retail watch websites.


That's due to a recent spike being produced of so-known as "superfakes," 


counterfeit reproductions of popular name-brand models, made mainly in China, 


that bear a outstanding resemblance towards the real factor. "Twenty years back 


the fakes were really fake," states Michael Benavente, md of Gucci Watches & 


Jewellery The United States. "You checked out it truly quick and you can view it 


was trash."


Not any longer. Nowadays, watch executives swap tales about counterfeit watches 


which are such spitting pictures of the actual McCoys the brands themselves find 


it difficult recognizing them. It's not only the imitation of the items the 


calls "the appearance parts" (situation, dial, bracelet, etc.) it's also the 


caliber of the mechanical movements inside. Michel Arnoux, mind from the anti-


counterfeiting unit from the Federation from the Swiss Watch Industry (FH), 


cites a counterfeit Hublot Big Bang tourbillon watch grabbed by Swiss customs 


officials. Everything concerning the watch appeared just like a real Hublot, 


lower towards the vanilla-scented rubber strap. Only on closer inspection did he 


find tell-tale indications of an imitation: a bit of plastic within the 


situation where carbon ought to be, a very which should happen to be 


nonreflective, but wasn't. What was most striking was the movement. "That was 


among the first occasions I've locked in my hands an imitation tourbillon watch, 


a genuine high-precision mechanism," Arnoux told Swiss Broadcasting Corp.'s news agency. "The counterfeiters have finally mastered ultra-


complex movements."


Nearly every luxury Swiss watch brand is coping with the superfake phenomenon, 


states AWA?ˉs chairman, Jon Omer, former mind of DeWitt America LLC. "We are 


actually faced with a brand new onslaught, that is getting bigger. We're 


speaking about pieces being offered more than $50,000 and $100,000 which are 


counterfeit watches. Everybody needs to deal with it."Including watch 


collectors, Omer states. AWA claims the only protection someone has is to find 


from your approved dealer. (Counterfeit watches shouldn't be wrongly identified 


as so-known as "gray-market"| watches. Unlike counterfeits, grey-market watches 


are created with a brand, but offered outdoors the brand's approved retail 


network. Just like counterfeits, AWA opposes the importation and purchase of 


grey-market goods within the U . s . States.)


AWA and it is 30-plus member watch companies happen to be contending with 


counterfeiters for many years. The timepiece companies act individually to 


safeguard their trademarks and branded products. A number of them spend fortunes 


yearly inside a multi-front fight, dealing with U.S. Customs and federal, 


condition, and native law-enforcement agencies, as well as their very own 


private detectives, to battle crooks who steal their ip (IP).


Washington-based AWA utilizes a legislative and regulatory front. AWA isn't a 


traditional trade association that provides several member services. Its mission 


is extremely specific: is the voice of their people in Washington, making 


certain the watch industry has input into legislation affecting it on a number 


of issues varying from tariffs to rules on alligator and reptile watch bands to 


mercury levels in button-cell watch batteries. The association's a lawyer may be 


the prominent Washington, D.C., law practice Covington & Burling.


Within the counterfeit fight, AWA has performed a huge role."The association was 


the best catalyst in moving the 1984 Trademark Anti-counterfeiting Act with the 


U.S. House of Representatives as well as on to final enactment," states 


Executive Director Emilio "Toby" Collado. That act made counterfeiting a legal 


the very first time. Ten years later, AWA brought the means by drafting and 


lobbying for more powerful weapons against counterfeiters. "We organized the 


multi-industry coalition that won enactment from the 1996 act which toughened 


penalties and gave trademark proprietors more powerful search and seizure legal 




Nowadays AWA is trying to pass the so-known as "Rogue Websites Bill?± (the 


Safeguard IP Act of 2011) which may assistance to shut lower Websites that sell 


counterfeit watches. That fight is ongoing, Collado states, when confronted with 


stiff opposition from the web industry."In addition, we're dealing with others 


to improve punishments for repeat ip offenders as well as for IP crimes 


involving gangs and arranged criminal enterprises Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica Watches.